Tiffany Opens Up About How Music Saved Her Following Her Mother’s Death

Music saved her.

Tiffany recently made her American debut with her single “Under My Skin” and has been holding interviews with many USA outlets to celebrate, where she talked about many things, including the passing of her mother.

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During an interview with Rolling Stone, the topic of her mother’s passing in 2002 came up, and she was not afraid to touch on the topic.

“You’ve said that music helped you deal with your grief after your mother’s death in 2002. How so?” — Kim Jae Ha, Rolling Stone


Before even thinking about herself, who lost her mother, she revealed the was thinking about her dad and her aunt.

“If I think about it, I had been finding myself being very apathetic towards the situation, even as a 12-year-old. I remember feeling so bad for my dad, because he just lost the love of his life, and my aunt just lost her sister. I should’ve also been thinking about me. I was just a child who had lost her mother.” — Tiffany


Following the death of her mother, she took the time to think about what would make her feel better, and that was only one thing.

“I finally found the strength to say, “OK, what am I going to do to go on? What’s going to make me feel better?” And that was music.” — Tiffany


She credited music for saving her.

“Music was the only thing that made me feel understood and made me feel better. I rooted myself in that. It was a process to navigate what my life and feelings were, but I think music saved me in every way.” — Tiffany


Tiffany also revealed her plans for future music releases, saying she has a lot prepared already!

“I have been working on music since last September. I do have a lot of music done and I would love to continuously be able to release music until it leads to a full album. I don’t ever want to slow myself down when creating or challenging myself.”


Source: Rolling Stone

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