Tiffany Opens Up About What She Has Planned For Her Debut As An Actress

“Hey, I’m from Girls’ Generation! I’m going to be extra!”

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany recently sat down for an interview with US magazine, Paper. There, she revealed that she’s settled down in West Hollywood after spending more than a decade in Korea to pursue her love of acting.


When Tiffany announced her decision to move all the way to the States to pursue acting, many believed the news came from left field, but she says it’s what she’s always wanted to do and her fans know it.

“I’ve been wanting to pursue acting for years. My fans know. I just didn’t want to start until I had the proper time and training, which was why I decided to go to school.” — Tiffany


She actually wanted to pursue acting since 2012, but when SM Entertainment asked her to choose between acting and singing, she chose music at the time. Thus, Girls’ Generation TTS was born.

“Being in Girls’ Generation makes you hyper-focus on one category. When they asked me to choose one back in 2012, I was like: ‘I choose music.’ And that’s why the unit — Girls’ Generation TTS — came about. Coming back and having all this time to dig deep into why it is I want to do acting, I was like… I’ve been acting on set and on stage my whole life! So yes, I’ve been going on auditions and getting scripts.” — Tiffany


She admitted it’s a new experience and there was an adjusting period while she incorporated acting with her love of music and continued pursuit of both mediums.

“It’s a whole new experience. If you’ve seen La La Land, you know that scene in the elevator where all the girls have the same hair color and are all wearing the same thing? It really is kind of like that. I felt that way the past couple months, but it’s such a good experience.” — Tiffany


She said she’s waiting for the right role to come along, but she’s keeping an open mind and still working in the studio on new music.

“I’m open and willing to do anything if the story and the character’s truth speaks to me. I’m just waiting for the right role. And then I’m going to the studio as much as school, and music seems to be even developing faster, and it’s more fun because there’s no pressure… I wanted to go back to the craftsmanship of the art. Not just throwing things together, you know? I wanted to make sure I’m putting my hours in. Because you know what they say: 10,000 hours to make a master.” — Tiffany


Her new album “Over My Skin” is about her newfound freedom to express herself while remaining true to her roots.

“I think that’s so relevant in today’s culture, no matter where you are, where girls — girls and boys — aren’t just going to say things, or not say things, to please others. If you just read the lyrics, it can be a sexual song, but it really is about, ‘You know what? I am very much comfortable in my skin. This isn’t about anybody. This is about me. I am happy, I am ready, and I am owning who I am.’ It’s a song about taking control and being liberated. I don’t want to change anything. If anything, I want it to be a much more evolved me. I feel like art is about me having everybody live vicariously through this song.” — Tiffany


The MV to “Over My Skin” is due for release in July, and she tried to do something completely unexpected… but being a Girls’ Generation member, it’s definitely going to be “extra”.

“It’s my first US piece, so I wanted the videos and visuals to be unexpected. The photos are very minimal and bare, and then video’s going to be like… colors, colors, colors! I wanted to have this contrast of having very minimal things, but also… hey, I’m from Girls’ Generation! I’m going to be extra! Eleganza extravangaza! Because if you think about it, there’s 10 years worth of work that I’ve done online, and I wanted to outdo it in a sense – but humbly, because I’m still starting out here and juggling things on my own.” — Tiffany


Thanks to the support of her Girls’ Generation members and fans, she feels ready to conquer both the acting world and the solo market!

“[The bandmates have] been listening to all the things I’ve been recording since last fall, so they were like, ‘We’re so excited. We don’t know what you’ll come out with, which is more exciting.’” — Tiffany

Source: Paper Magazine

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