Tiffany Opens Up On The Possibility Of Starting Her Own Entertainment Company

Would all the Girls’ Generation members sign under her agency?!

Tiffany Young sat down for an interview where she opened up on the possibility of setting up her own entertainment management agency!

She revealed that her Girls’ Generation members are completely on board and so supportive about the thought. But she doesn’t feel quite ready herself!

My members told me half-jokingly to set up my own company. I tell them, ‘Not yet, guys. It’s only been a year.’ But they still say, ‘You can do it.’

I think of it as their affection. I’ll think about it once I secure my place as Tiffany Young.

— Tiffany


But it is more than possible because Tiffany’s been booked and busy all throughout her life! She’s been busy as her solo career is skyrocketing with tours all over the world!

I’ve been living a busy life for a long time, so I’m used to it. I stay busy and constantly moving because I know that if I put in the time, I will be rewarded with good opportunities.

I’m the type of person to break down time to stay unnecessarily busy.

— Tiffany Young


She’s also got the management part down because no one can manage her work life and her personal life like her!

That’s why when I’m on vacation, I try to rest a much as possible. I would order food and just spend the whole day watching Netflix.

— Tiffany Young


Could you imagine all of the Girls’ Generation members reuniting to sign under her management company?!


Say hello to the future CEO Tiffany!

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