Tiffany Refused To Sign With An Asian Agency Because Of Girls’ Generation

Tiffany revealed how Girls’ Generation’s made her decide to sign with a non-Asian talent agency.

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany, who now goes by Tiffany Youngsigned with Paradigm Talent Agency after leaving SM Entertainment in October 2017. Although she’s received love calls from various agencies all around Asia, she revealed to Paper Magazine that she didn’t want to sign with an Asian agency because she wants the freedom to be a part of Girls’ Generation whenever and wherever.

She says Asian agencies have strict rules where many business discussions are needed to collaborate with other artists from different labels, but she wants to be available for her sisters at all times!

l’m leaving the space of signing with an Asian talent agency. I know how strict the rules are, and I forever want to be a part of Girls’ Generation. I wouldn’t gamble that for anything. So I said, ‘If you need me, I can come back anytime because I have the freedom.’ Without even talking about all that business — business is business — my girls are my girls. We are each other’s. We have this trust. I’ve been with the girls for 13 years… longer!

— Tiffany

Looking back at being a part of SM Entertainment, she has no regrets. She’s learned and experienced so much but she’s ready to become someone who crafts her own art.

Being in SM, I think, was probably the most intense, greatest and most educational thing that I have done. SM has a cult following. I love SM. I love the artists. I was such a fan, which made me want to go into that label. I would love people to look at me and say, ‘Wow, she’s very creative.’ ‘Girls’ Generation was so polished that it took time for anybody to really consider us, uh… craftsmen.

— Tiffany

Although she’s doing her own thing right now, she’s certain that Girls’ Generation will join back together one day. Until then, each of the members are focusing on developing themselves individually.

When we know we’re at this place when we can create something new and amazing, we will get together. Even when we’re rolling out solo projects, we’re always like, ‘Once we do this, let’s get together.’ I feel like we’re at college now in the sense that we’ve all decided what our majors are going to be. We’ve had years where we don’t have Girls’ Generation albums. Right now it’s time to kind of develop ourselves individually.

— Tiffany

That doesn’t mean they’re disconnected from each other! Tiffany revealed that they have a group chat where they’re constantly supporting and cheering for each other.

Yes, we have a group chat! I’m always like, ‘Hey, send high quality pictures so we can post on our socials!’ Support your friends, support your girls! We are still very much throwing each other random texts, and saying ‘Whoever doesn’t respond within 10 minutes, we’re getting together at your house next!’ Just by the social media, you can tell that we’re still very active with each other.

— Tiffany

The Girls’ Generation members have been in the loop throughout Tiffany’s preparations for her first solo album since leaving SM Entertainment, and the love haven’t changed at all!

When I was announcing my plans for this release to my bandmates, I sent them the pictures, they were like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ and used all these really hard Korean words, which they knew I probably wouldn’t know. Taeyeon snapped me all these English-Korean translations of what words she was using. She was saying, basically, we see how much you work and how strong you were keeping this under wraps because you’re somebody who’d be like, ‘I’m doing this, I’m doing that!’ They’ve been listening to all the things I’ve been recording since last fall, so they were like, ‘We’re so excited. We don’t know what you’ll come out with, which is more exciting.’

— Tiffany

The love between Girls’ Generation was what inspired her new album, “Over My Skin” – Tiffany’s advocacy for loving yourself as who you are.

Coming back home and having that support from my bandmates telling me that they trust and support me in whatever new story I want to tell, with music or film, made me focus on what I want to talk about, and not pleasing others.

— Tiffany

Tiffany was, is and will always be Girls’ Generation and no one can ever keep her away from her sisters!

You can’t tell me I’m not Girls’ Generation. No one’s going to tell me that I’m not Girls’ Generation! I hope the fans trust us. In my girls, I trust. In Girls’ Generation, I trust.

— Tiffany

Tiffany Young is currently filming her music video for her new track “Runaway”, and has been actively promoting in the United States with her concert tour and various media appearances.

Source: Paper Magazine

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