Tiffany releases yet another handwritten apology for her social media controversy

On August 26th, SNSD Tiffany uploaded her second apology letter in regards to her SNS update controversy where she offended Koreans as a whole by uploading a post featuring the “Rising Sun Flag”

Although Tiffany immediately apologized right after the controversy initially broke out, Koreans seemed to the think that the apology was not sincere enough. As a result, she was removed from Unnie’s Slam Dunk, and was left behind from SM’s 20th anniversary company holiday.

Image: TIffany’s instagram

Below is the complete translation of her 2nd apology letter uploaded on August 26th, 2016.

“Hello, this is Tiffany. After making such a huge mistake and disappointing everyone, I was not able to work up the courage to truly apologize for ten days. With a shaking and timid heart I would like to ask that you forgive my tardiness. And I would like to try to say what I should have already said and try to apologize sooner as I should have for my mistakes that day. On Korea’s Independence Day I uploaded a post with the “Rising Sun Flag” on my SNS. It is something that should have never happened and I was wrong to do so. As many of you have advised me, I did not truly know the meaning of the Rising Sun Flag and my knowledge in history was simply lacking and I did not realize the implications of what I have said and did not realize the pain it had caused in the past. I am sorry to all those who were hurt by my ignorance and carelessness. I bow my head in apology to all those who believed and cheered for me. I was able to do music thanks to all of you who have cheered for me and loved me. Despite that, I did not even know the basic history of Korea and did not study it carefully and I am ashamed of myself for that. The first apology, which I wrote in a hurry at the airport after realizing my wrongdoing, was extremely lacking and I would like to apologize. I spent the last few days regretting that I missed my chance to truly show my apologetic thoughts. I hope that although it is too late, my sincerity will be seen by everyone. This incident taught me what is truly important. From now on I will study the things that are more important than singing and dancing.”

Source: Asia Today