Tiffany Reportedly Preparing A Summer Comeback With New Album

It’ll be her first comeback in 2 years.

Girls’ Generation Tiffany is preparing to make a comeback with a brand new album this summer. Reports say she’s nearly done completing her preparations and is hoping to release the new album in June or July.

She’s completed recording all of her new songs, and will be recording her music video and finishing her last preparations for the album soon. Her new album will contain a lot of Tiffany’s influence as she’s actively participated in the music, concept, styling and more.

This will be her first album since signing on with her new agency, Paradigm Talent Agency – a famous label in the States, home to top stars like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas and more. It will also be the first album since her last solo, “Heartbreak Hotel”, released back in June 2016.

Source: Osen

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