Tiffany responds with humour when asked about Girls’ Generation’s income distribution

Doing her own rounds of solo promotions, Tiffany awkwardly fails to create a definite response when asked about Girls’ Generation’s income distributions. 

With all the fuss surrounding income distributions amongst idol group members specifically towards a member focusing on solo activities, Tiffany gave quite an honest reply when asked about.

On May 16th, Tiffany continued promoting her solo album release thorugh Sook’s Radio. When asked about the issue, she replied that, “This is my first time making a solo debut, so I’m not sure. I was just pleased that I get to release my own music and I haven’t really thought about it.” 

Despite the sensitivity of the topic, the singer tried to play it light by jokingly stating that they should ask Taeyeon, who had her solo debut, about it.

Meanwhile, Tiffany continues promotions for “I Just Wanna Dance.”
Image: SBS / Osen

Source: OSEN