Tiffany Reveals How She Handles The Perils of Being A Celebrity

“It’s okay, Fany-yah”

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany sat down for an interview with InStyle magazine and candidly revealed how she handles being a celebrity. First, she discussed the differences in herself today versus when she first debuted.

“My heart is very comfortable these days. For 10 years, I tried hard to show only a flashy appearance to the public. I didn’t have time to go beyond that. But as time goes by, I can put away that flashy image and give up on things that I didn’t think I would be able to. It’s also become a turning point where I can pursue new challenges and attempt new things. Although, it seems the weight of time is too much to handle sometimes.”


She then explained why time weighs on her mind a lot.

“Because the more knowledge you have, the more you have to think about things.”


And she expressed what it’s like standing on the edge of change.

“Even now, when I stand on stage, I think that I need to show 120% of myself. Showing an incomplete side of yourself to the public isn’t polite and it’s a promise that anyone who stands on stage must keep for the public. The lyrics to one of our songs go, “Don’t change, fooled by familiarity” and those words are very meaningful to me. If you get too familiar then you can become careless and lose sight of your initial purpose.”


She finished the interview by revealing her current catchphrase, “It’s okay, Fany-yah!”

Source: InStyle Korea and GGPM

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