Tiffany Young Shares What Charmed Her The Most About The Musical “Chicago”

Tiffany loves the musical, and shared what she thinks is its charming points!

Tiffany Young shared all the reasons she thinks Chicago is an incredible musical!

As she was recently cast for the main role of Roxie Hart, Tiffany sat down for an interview to talk about her thoughts on being cast, as well as the musical itself!

One of the questions Tiffany was asked was about the charms of Chicago, and as a true die-hard fan, she gave glowing reviews about the iconic musical!

Aside from the fact that it’s a piece of work that has been loved for a long time, the story and the direction as well are very attractive. I also think that it’s a story that even after time passes will still be relevant; a story that I think will also suit the year 2021.


Tiffany then talked about how she felt confident she could do justice to the role of Roxie Hart now, with all the experience and knowledge she’s accumulated at this current stage of her life.

I think that Chicago is a work that can be expressed after a certain age and experience. Looking at the seniors who have played the role of Roxie Hart, I thought to myself, “Wow, now I can do it too.”

And I can give my best to it. I felt proud.


Tiffany was recently announced to have been cast for the role of Roxie Hart, and is living her best life!

Watch her talk about it here!

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