Tiffany Young Reveals Just How Dedicated She Was To Be Cast As Roxie Hart In “Chicago”

She even lived as Roxie Hart to be able to portray her perfectly!

Tiffany Young opened up about just how hard she worked to be cast for the role of Roxie Hart!

Tiffany recently sat down for an interview where she talked about Chicago, and gave her thoughts on her favorite musical!

Tiffany shared how she prepared for the role of Roxie Hart in the middle of her extremely busy schedule!

I went back to the US, went to acting school studied songwriting, and went on tour. Regardless of my schedule, I still went to auditions. I’ve only been going in my spare time, so this time, I wrapped up my Asian tour, looked into the audition list, and that’s when the audition for Chicago came up.


She then revealed how it has always been a dream of hers to be cast for a role in Chicago; so much so that she knows everything about the musical!

Chicago has always been the work that I dreamt of. I know the role, character, and the numbers well. But I want to show that Tiffany’s strength is her ability to give her best in analyzing.

From the paintings, fashion, and music events from the 1960s, I studied it all, and even the works of Bob Fosse…I’ve been studying hard preparing for it.


Tiffany also talked about how she did her utmost to channel her inner Roxie Hart by employing the same habits and mannerisms as the character to try and essentially become her for the audition! She also shared how excited she was to perform on stage as Roxie!

In Chicago, Roxie likes jazz and liquor. So I practiced listening to jazz and drank a lot of whiskey. I think it’s a truly timeless piece of art, and usually, when I watch a musical, the orchestra pit is below the stage. But the biggest attraction in Chicago is the orchestra and brass band right in the middle.

It looks like a very exciting, dreamy, and fun performance. So I’m looking forward to it a lot.


Watch her talk about it here!

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