Tiger JK predicted tobacco price increase through rap lyrics from 2004?

Tiger JK’s track “Aspiring Singer 1. (5,000 won)” which was released in 2004 is gaining popularity in Korean portal sites for its lyrics predicting the recent increase in tobacco prices. 

As recent reports of the prices of tobacco being increased in South Korea, netizens have pointed out specific lyrics from Tiger JK’s track as he raps about paying for overpriced tobacco, talking his prediction written more than ten years ago.

The lyrics in question states that, “I’m sure I had 5,000 won (~5 USD) in my wallet, but I went into the neighborhood bread store and bought a pack of cigarettes… the change I received was  just one 500 won coin (~50 cents) when I am sure I paid 5,000 won.”

The song is from Tiger JK’s 5th album One is Not a Lonely Word that was released in 2004 and is gaining attention because the recent increase in cigarette prices put into effect in the beginning of this year raised the prices to around 4,500 won (~$4.50 USD).

Netizens that rediscovered this song are saying “Tiger JK saw ten years into the future,” “What is this feeling like he came 10 years into the future and went back?” “I want to listen to this song again by Tiger JK” and taking a renewed interest in the song.

Source: Tenasia