“His Company Is Too Powerful”: TikToker Recounts How His K-Pop Idol Friend Sexually Assaulted Him

They had gone on a trip together.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

TikToker drunkboba posted a “Get Ready With Me” video, sharing how he was sexually assaulted by a K-Pop idol he thought was his friend.

I got SAed by my idol friend for an entire week, and I couldn’t do anything about it because his company is too powerful.

— @drunkboba/TikTok

Drunkboba shared that he met a K-Pop trainee through a mutual friend. The two became friends and one day went on a trip together.

So, I met him when he was a trainee through a mutual friend. And after some years of just talking and, you know, just calling and everything, we decided to go on a trip together.

— @drunkboba/TikTok

They both got drunk during a night out. Drunkboba wasn’t feeling good, so they returned to where they were staying, and he fell asleep.

We decided to go drinking one night, and we got pretty drunk. I think it’s time to go home. I feel pretty drunk. I don’t really feel good, so we did. I knocked out.

— @drunkboba/TikTok

Drunkboba woke up to his friend on top of him. Startled, he pushed him away. When drunkboba tried to ask his idol friend what he was doing, the guy continued while telling him to shut up. He was angry but eventually fell asleep too.

And then I woke up with him on top of me, and, of course, I was a little startled. So, I pushed him away. I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ He told me to shut up, and he kept going. And eventually, he gave up and went to sleep, but he was pretty angry about it. I don’t know f*cking why, but that happened.

— @drunkboba/TikTok

In the morning, drunkboba tried to talk to the idol friend about it, expressing that he was upset. The friend got defensive, saying that his company would support him if drunkboba attempted to do anything about it.

Then I told him in the morning about it that I was a little upset, and what he said was, ‘Well, you can do whatever you want, but I have my company to back me up.’ Because I was like, ‘Oh, sh*t, okay.’ I didn’t know we were trying to get there. I was trying to be like, ‘That’s not okay, dude.’

— @drunkboba/TikTok

Despite this conversation, the idol continued his inappropriate behavior throughout the vacation against drunkboba’s wishes.

It came to a point where I was like pinned down like harder and harder like a Rotisserie chicken.

— @drunkboba/TikTok

At the end of the trip, they had another confrontation. Drunkboba told him that he thought they were just friends. Again, the idol used his company as an excuse for his actions.

By the end of the trip, I just like I called him out like, ‘I don’t know how many times I had to tell you and physically show you like I don’t want anything from this. I thought we’re just friends.’ He said the exact same thing like, ‘Well, I can do what I want because I have my company with me.’ So, I was like, ‘Okay, good for you like why isn’t your company doing sh*t to make you popular?’

— @drunkboba/TikTok

Naturally, drunkboba chose to end the friendship. He attempted to move on with his life.

After that, I was like, ‘I’m cutting you off. I don’t want to do anything.’ I was like, ‘No, I’m done like it’s whatever, like I’ll just move on with my life.’

— @drunkboba/TikTok

Drunkboba revealed that he had posted another TikTok about this situation last year. He didn’t think it would go viral, but it did.

Early last year, I posted a TikTok about the same situation, and I was like, ‘Okay, I don’t think it’d do that well like my TikTok isn’t, I don’t have a lot of followers. I don’t do much. I just dance, so maybe this video wouldn’t like do well because it’s very out of place.

— @drunkboba/TikTok

Unsurprisingly, many K-Pop fans were concerned that the ex-friend could be an idol they liked. So, they tried to guess who it could be in the comments section.

I only had the video up for four hours, and it had a million views already. So, I was like, ‘Oh sh*t.’ And then, in the comments, people were guessing who it was.

— @drunkboba/TikTok

It didn’t stop there, though. A rumor was created that drunkboba was also a trainee at entertainment companies, so people guessed who the idol could be based on that. Afraid he would get sued, drunkboba deleted the original video.

Someone made a rumor that I was a trainee at some companies, and they started naming groups and idols, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to get sued.’ So, I took the video down.

— @drunkboba/TikTok

During this time, drunkboba received many direct messages from concerned K-Pop stans. They all wanted to be reassured that it was not their biases who sexually assaulted him. So, in the caption of his new video, he said that he would not name the person for his safety.

And I got a lot of DMs from K-Pop fans or stans of certain groups like… ‘Can you please tell me who raped you?’ I was like, ‘What? You don’t just ask that in the DM. You don’t… Who are you? Like, who are you?’ But it’s okay. And they’re like, ‘Can you please tell me who it is or at least tell me if it’s not in like these…?’ They gave me a list of people. I was like, ‘What?’ They’re like, ‘Oh, I just wanna make sure it’s like not my oppas.’

— @drunkboba/TikTok

Drunkboba was shocked by the insensitive response to his original video, but this time around, netizens were more supportive and encouraging of him. Many hope that one day the idol will be punished for his crimes.

| @drunkboba/TikTok

Watch the full video below.


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