TikToker Makes ENHYPEN’s “Polaroid Love” Go So Viral That Even K-Pop Idols Are Joining The Fan-Created Dance Challenge

This is a true fan success story!

ENHYPEN is going viral with a B-side track, and it’s with help from fans!

“Polaroid Love,” a B-side song from ENHYPEN’s latest album DIMENSION : ANSWER,Β is rapidly rising the charts. Recently, it suddenly entered the Top 100 on Melon, the South Korean online music store and music streaming service. Originally, “Polaroid Love” was below the top 1,000!

| Melon via theqoo

The reason for the sudden increase of streams? It can’t be a coincidence that the song has gone crazy viral on social media as of late…


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♬ Polaroid Love – ENHYPEN

ENGENEs (ENHYPEN fans) have been knew that “Polaroid Love” is a bop so much so that it inspired one to create a dance. Content creator Reiner Acuario (@reeeiner on TikTok) shared a video of himself dancing his original choreography on January 10, 2022, to TikTok. Since then, this video has gone so viral with 4.7 million views, and 733K likes just two weeks after its original upload!

Reiner Acuario dancing to “Polaroid Love” by ENHYPEN.

Of course, with the song’s catchy tune and now dance to match, K-Pop fans all across the video-sharing app joined him on the fun. As of the time of writing, the official sound for ENHYPEN’s “Polaroid Love” has been used in 134K videos for TikTok, and Reiner’s original audio has been used 2,581 times.

With a video so viral, a song and dance so infectious, it’s no surprise that ENHYPEN themselves have now discovered the fan-created dance challenge! ENGENEs have been capturing the members participating in the “Polaroid Love” challenge during online fanmeetings.

And, of course, Reiner has been duetting the ENGENEs’ posts to dance with the members! Can this get any more wholesome?

So far, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Jake are the members who have done the challenge during fanmeetings.


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♬ Polaroid Love – ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN made it TikTok official three days ago when Jake, Jungwon, and Sunghoon shared a video participating in the challenge! They had learned Reiner’s choreography.

From left: Jake, Jungwon, and Sunghoon.

Naturally, Reiner couldn’t contain his excitement! He duetted the group with a sweet caption.

ENHYPEN are not the only members who have participated in the “Polaroid Love” dance challenge. Even NCT‘s Taeyong did it during an online fanmeeting too!

If that’s not enough, numerous other idols have done the challenge, including Kep1er‘s Xiaoting, Yeseo, and Chaehyun, fromis_9‘s Jiheon, P1Harmony‘s Keeho, Intak, Jiung, and Theo, and IVE‘s Yujin! Reiner is the definition of “a successful fan!” We love this for him.


Thank you for all the love on the Challenge πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­πŸ’• #p1harmony #svt #kep1er #nct #enhypen #polaroidlove #polaroidlove_challenge #fyp #Picasso

♬ Polaroid Love – ENHYPEN

Similarly, TXT‘s B-side “Anti-Romantic” became a hit after its release. The song inspired a viral dance trend on TikTok also created by a fan. It also became so popular that K-Pop idols participated in it too! Read more below:

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Source: @reeeiner