A TikToker’s Video Explaining How She Was “Seduced” By A K-Pop Idol Goes Viral

He’s full of green flags!

BTS‘s Jungkook continues to steal hearts everywhere!

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook_bighitentertainment/Instagram

TikTok content creator @dancekae released a video on November 17 detailing her newfound discovery of the BTS maknae. The viral video, viewed over 2.2 million times within three days, showed her reaction to being “seduced” by the K-Pop idol.

I have been seduced by a man I did not know existed two days ago.

— @dancekae


Jungkook will you be mine. Please recommend more songs with similar vibes #jungkook #3D #jungkook3d #kpop #bts #bookboyfriend

♬ original sound – Kaeli

She fell for him after listening closely to his song “3D.”

She began listing down his green flags based on the “3D” lyrics, loving how he “asks for consent…twice” and how “he knows what he wants.”

With the lyric “champagne confetti,” she inferred that he “puts in the work” in making his partner feel loved. The line, “I wanna see it in motion in 3D” further showed that he has “clear communication” skills.

The saga of her love for Jungkook continued after this video. The next day, she defended him against whoever was the inspiration behind his emotional song “Hate You.”


Who hurt Jungkook? I will take them out. #jungkook #kpop #bts #armybts #straykids #jungkookhateyou #hateyou #sadbreakupsong #sadsong

♬ Hate You – Jung Kook

She also used his track “Somebody” in a skit she posted several hours later.


My two personalities #jungkook #kpop #bts #armybts #jungkookgolden #kookie #kookiebts #jungkooksomebody #somebodyjungkook #twopersonalities

♬ Somebody – Jung Kook

Fans also loved her follow-up video reacting to the Yes or No album. She joked that she “found [Jungkook’s] red flag” which turned out to simply be him “ignoring her” every time she said they were meant to be together.


Replying to @Bee Jungkook isn’t listening when I say I love him #jungkook #kpop #bts #armybts #jungkookgolden #yesornojungkook #yesorno #jungkookyesorno #jungkookredflag

♬ original sound – Kaeli

One thing is certain: Jungkook is definitely a green flag!

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