A TikToker’s Challenge To Meet A Fourth-Generation Idol Sparks Safety Concerns

“They need to tighten up security…”

K-Pop companies are known for their strict security, and many idols have shared their stories about it, including SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan voiced his “frustrations” with the complex security system at HYBE.

We’re really strict about security. You need to take off your mask and check your body temperature and recognize your face to open the door. But it didn’t open!

— Jeonghan

Of course, not all companies are on the scale of HYBE, but fans expect the same level of security to ensure that idols are kept safe. Yet, a recent video had netizens concerned when one TikTok user listened to a comment asking him to “find someone like ATEEZ’s Choi San.”

ATEEZ’s San | KQ Entertainment

In the video, the user searched for the location of KQ Entertainment, which is very simple to do, and traveled to the company, which was in a much larger building with many different organizations.

Walking into the main reception, the KQ logo could easily be seen.

The user was asked the reason for his visit, and he explained that he was a YouTuber and wanted to interview San.

Adding, “I’m just looking for hot guys,” the receptionist declined his request, and he left.

When the video was posted, although many fans found it hilarious, it sparked major safety concerns. Companies like HYBE are known for intense safety, even getting inside the building, and other companies, such as RBW, also require fingerprint recognition to get inside. Even though the user couldn’t get to meet the members, the fact he was able to walk inside the building and that fact he shared it sparked safety concerns.

While most fans are respectful, the user being so public about his ability to get into the company building raises concerns that sasaengs might try to do it to “bump” into the idols at KQ Entertainment.

Source: @iam.from.korea


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