TikToker Under Fire For Mocking Stray Kids And More

She has a history of posting offensive content.

A TikToker has come under fire for mocking Stray KidsTina Kim, best known as @kdramalogic on TikTok, posts a variety of content related to K-Dramas and K-Pop. She frequently posts her reviews or “hot takes” on current K-Dramas, which have gained her 69.4K followers at the time of writing.


Recently, she appeared on Season 25 of Food Network‘s reality cooking show, called Worst Cooks in America. 


Here’s my intro on Worst Cooks in America season 25 @Michael Judson Berry was def sabotaging me #worstcooksinamerica #tinakim #kdramalogic #foodnetwork #discoveryplus

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Tina Kim is also a comedian, and as she pushes the boundaries, her humor can be hurtful or offensive to others. This appears to happen in many of her videos about both K-Dramas and K-Pop.

Tina Kim | @kdramalogic/Instagram

For example, although she claims to be a fan of NCT, she has shown disappointment whenever pulling photocards of members who are not her biases.


Finna make this a @kdramalogic h8te acc fr 🥱 /hj

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Some netizens have even called her out for switching up specifically on Johnny. Previously, she acted like she liked him when he walked the Met Gala. Yet, when she pulled his photocard, she displayed disappointment and wanted to trade.


@kdramalogic never takes accountability

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Those who know her best for her K-Drama content will recognize that she frequently dislikes K-Dramas, not because of their stories but because of the actors. She is especially critical of female leads and will drop a K-Drama just because she doesn’t like an actress.


The Kdramas I recently dropped & why – what about you? #badkdramas #badprosecutorkdrama #gauselectronics #glitchkdrama #kdramatok #kdramalogic

♬ Starlight (Inst.) – 태일 (TAEIL)

Even in her reviews of Single’s Inferno 2, she is critical of the women on the show, and most of the time, for minor reasons. Many of her reviews critique Shin Seul Ki as “insecure” and Lee Nadine for going on a Korean dating show since she lives in Boston.


All the girls need to stop playing with their hair 😡 every scene they’re always touching the top must be hella greasy #singlesinferno #singlesinfernoseason2 #koreandatingshow #koreanrealityshow

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Now, she has received increased criticism from netizens due to her mocking of Stray Kids.

Tina Kim, like most TikTok creators, utilizes the live feature. Recently, she has documented her visits to a K-Pop store, K POP NATION, in Los Angeles, California. During her time there, she received comments asking to look at specific groups’ merch, but her response to STAYs (Stray Kids fandom) left a lot to be desired.


WHAT IS SHE DOINGGG #bangchan #skz #straykids #kpop #fyp

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She not only called Bang Chan‘s photo the worst but also continually mispronounced members’ names and created a loud public scene. She continued to mock Stray Kids by saying that all she ever hears is “Bing Bing Bing…” 


How do you not feel embarrassed acting like a damn child in front of multiple people then the nerve she has to mock someone’s name she was doing the same thing on a live not that long ago I think it’s time for her to be put in a old folks home

STAYs are baffled that a Korean woman is mocking Korean names. If it weren’t for her being Korean, many would think her actions were racist.

| @hyunluv.v/TikTok

Tina Kim’s response to the backlash has not only been to block these netizens…


Replying to @maxidentdwaekki please get mental help you need u should focused on school & stanning stray kids not bullying & harassing someone with made up lies by your own fandom #seekmentalhelp #toxicstays #replyingtocomments #straykids#greenscreen

♬ MANIAC – Stray Kids

But she also continues to make fun of Stray Kids, particularly Bang Chan’s name, and the fandom.


Tina Kim also responds to comments that critique her with a video that displays the user’s profile. She frequently refers to them as “toxic teens,” “toxic STAYs,” and “toxic trolls,” even if their criticism is very much valid, such as calling out Tina for using AAVE (African-American Vernacular English).


Replying to @sophiaxstudio you are so right, thank you for calling me out – I appreciate it. I hope one day a man will like me as much as they like her #replyingtocomments #trollsoftiktok #toxicteens #hatersgonnahate #greenscreen

♬ Sad Music (Short Version) – MaximusSound


Replying to @sadvirgovenus no one forced u to save my video & thank you for the easy content ❤️ #trollsoftiktok #toxicteens #teentrolls #replyingtocommentswithvideo #rudekids

♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

Tina Kim’s mispronouncing of idol members’ names is not exclusive to Stray Kids, though. She does it with NCT too.


#duet with @kdramalogic she mumbling and cackling about chenles name too man #czenniesource #nct #kpopfyp #nctdream #chenle #jeno

♬ 버퍼링 Glitch Mode – NCT DREAM

Source: hyunluv.v

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