TikToker Exposes Korean Netflix Star For Alleged Racism

She said an influencer was rude to her because she’s a foreigner.

A TikToker has exposed a Netflix star for alleged racism.

TikToker SaharNajafy (@saharnajafy) recently went viral for a video. She claimed a Korean Netflix star/influencer had thrown a fit because he had to work with a foreigner (meaning herself). At the time of writing, it has 896K views and 117K likes.


Even his friend was looking at him like what is you doing bruh? 🤡 #korea #seoul #fypシ #추천 #storytime

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Netizens were naturally curious, so they could know who no longer to support. So, she did a story time, recounting the situation. She could not get into too many details due to laws, so she gave a brief disclaimer before starting, saying, “Dropping names I cannot do because… If you know Korean laws…” 

So, working in PR means that I have been working with a lot of different brands and companies. Some of them are new to the Korean market, some others already established and want to further expand into the Korean market. Right? So, one of these brands that contacted us they wanted to host this event party and asked us to invite a bunch of these influencers to come and join, take some pictures, post these on their social media, and pretty much promote the brand.

— SaharNajafy

SaharNajafy briefly explained her job and responsibilities. She works in PR and was in contact with influencers for a brand’s party.

So, since this particular project was for me to take upon, I was the one that was in contact with the influencers that we wanted to invite to come to this party through our company’s account. So, they don’t know that it’s actually me, but I am in contact with them in Korean.

— SaharNajafy

At the party, she oversaw that everything went as planned and continued to engage with the influencers. So, she would introduce herself to them and reveal that she had been the one in contact with them.

Then during the event, my job consists of making sure that everything goes as planned and that I assist the influencers in taking their picture. So, oftentimes, I go up to them, I tell them that I’m the one that was in contact with them.

— SaharNajafy

SaharNajafy said that most were surprised they had been talking to a foreigner since she had messaged them in Korean. Yet, everyone was friendly and not rude about it at all.

Most of the people that were there were very friendly, every single one of them was a little bit shocked like ‘Oh! I didn’t know that I was speaking to a foreigner.’ But it was never said or done in a hostile way or that, you know, they thought negatively of it. It was always a very positive experience.

— SaharNajafy

However, there was one guy she had an uncomfortable interaction with. Before meeting him, she had a good impression of him as he appeared “bubbly” on both Netflix and via text.

Now, this one guy in particular, I actually really liked him because he had a very bubbly personality on the Netflix shows that he had been and as well like talking with him. He was very bubbly through text as well.

— SaharNajafy

But when SaharNajafy introduced herself to him, he appeared not only shocked but disgusted that he had been in communication with a foreigner. He wouldn’t even respectfully allow her to explain anything.

So, I went up to him, I said ‘hi’ to him, and I introduced myself, and he already looked at me like, ‘Oh. She was a foreigner,’ with the utmost disgust look on his face. His friend was standing next to him. I was just trying to proceed to continue to tell him like there are props and clothing over there that you can, you know, wear so that the pictures that you end up posting on your social media are branded pictures. I had to explain this to him three times ’cause he kept on interrupting me because he was either talking to his friend like pretending as if I wasn’t even there, or just started bursting out laughing with ‘Oh my God. I was talking to a foreigner. Who would have thought?’

— SaharNajafy

SaharNajafy said the guy’s friend also appeared uncomfortable and apologetic about his behavior. Even venue staff expressed disapproval over how she was treated.

His friend was also looking at him like, ‘Bro. What are you doing?’ And he was the one that like sort of kind of looked at me with like apologizing eyes, but I didn’t have any managers like at the event there with me. So, I was the only one, even the people from like the event venue came up to me and was like, ‘Please, don’t mind him. He’s crazy.’

— SaharNajafy

Although SaharNajafy said she wouldn’t name names, netizens tried to guess who it was. Originally, actor Song Kang came to mind due to the mention of Netflix, but they soon realized it was likely an influencer who appeared on a reality show. SaharNajafy did clarify that it was not a contestant from Single’s Inferno, leaving many to believe it’s someone from Change Days. 

| @saharnajafy/TikTok

Watch the video below.


Replying to @💗💗💗 I had to leave out details otherwise couldn’t fit it into 3 mins 🙃 #korea #seoul #fypシ #추천 #storytime

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