TikToker Realizes TXT’s Hueningkai Might Have Been Her “Minecraft Boyfriend”

Netizens believe it was really him too!

A K-Pop fan realized that TXT‘s Hueningkai might have been her “Minecraft boyfriend.”

TXT’s Hueningkai | @TXT_members/Twitter

TikToker Emma (@e1moooo on TikTok) recently did the viral “You are my HYPE BOY” filter, in which netizens rank HYBE men. They ranked the men as they came, unable to move them after, so Hueningkai was #1 by default, which reminded Emma that they might have had an unexpected connection.

Actually, you know, I have a story… I think Hueningkai used to be my Minecraft boyfriend. You’re all gonna call me delusional, but I don’t even stan TXT like that to be that delusional.

— Emma

Emma told a story about how they had a boyfriend while playing Mojang Studio‘s sandbox game in 2015. They believe that the boyfriend in question might have been Hueningkai.

| Minecraft

Emma explained that, like Hueningkai, their Minecraft boyfriend’s name was Kai, Wasian (Asian and White), and lived in Hawaii. Even their ages lined up. The fact Emma and Kai’s time zones were not aligned also backs their theory.

Back in 2015, I had a Minecraft boyfriend, and his name was Kai; he was Wasian, he was two years older than me, and he said he had lived in Hawaii. Like, also, our time zones were way off. Like whenever I’d get on, he’d get off and vice versa, and I don’t even know if he knew I was his boyfriend or his girlfriend.

— Emma

If Kai was indeed the Hueningkai we all know, Emma said that the filter was “so real” as he ranked #1. They recognize that it’s probable that it wasn’t really him, but the similarities are too coincidental.

So, this filter is so real for putting him at number one because he was my Minecraft boyfriend. I know that’s probably not the case, but it’s so weird that all the facts, like, line up together.

— Emma

While Emma thought netizens would call them “delusional,” they actually believe that the Kai in question is Hueningkai. It totally sounds like him.

| @e1moooo/TikTok

Watch Emma’s full video below.


before you guys call me delusional its just a silly story 😭 #txt

♬ original sound – emma ★

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