TIME Magazine Heralds BTS As “The Princes Of Global Pop”

This is an article every ARMY can be proud of.

There is no question that ARMY will be incredibly proud of TIME Magazine‘s latest BTS feature.

The group has been featured in TIME Magainze before, with the magazine calling them “next generation leaders” in 2018…

TIME Magazine

“The biggest band in the world” in the 2020 issue that also heralded them as TIME Magazine‘s “entertainer of the year.”

TIME Magazine

And now, in the most recent 2022 feature, TIME Magazine is labeling the unstoppable group as “the princes of global pop.”

TIME Magazine

The TIME Magazine article discusses BTS’s accolades for having sold-out concerts despite the global pandemic…

… the success of “Dynamite,” “Butter,” and “Permission to Dance,” which, according to RM, were intended “to console people and heal their minds…”

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… and BTS’s ventures with HYBE‘s development of “Original Story Business.” Which is, essentially, made up of the wide range of BTS-adjacent content that HYBE is regularly releasing.

Such as two collaborations with BTS and Webtoon

BTS’s “SAVE ME” Webtoon

BTS’s “7FATES: CHAKHO” Webtoon


BT21 characters

… And “Learn! KOREAN With BTS,” which are products specifically designed for international fans to be able to study the Korean language efficiently.

“Learn! KOREAN With BTS” products

HYBE’s founder and chairman, Bang Si Hyuk himself, describes BTS as “the king of the K-pop scene for a very long time.” All thanks to the members’ constant passion, dedication, and immense talent.

Through BTS’s ongoing success, “irrevocably [altering] the global music landscape,” TIME Magazine understandably has identified BTS as “establishing themselves as the princes of global pop.”

TIME Magazine

Which is a title that fans are undoubtedly proud of.

TIME Magazine truly acknowledges BTS’s contributions to the music and entertainment industry as a whole, and fans can be proud of their part in helping BTS reach such phenomenal levels of success.

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Source: TIME Magazine