TinyTAN Teach Us How To Properly Enjoy A BTS Concert At Home

Who’s excited for the concert!

With less than a week left before BTS’s online concert MAP OF THE SOUL ON:ETinyTAN has returned to give fans some advice on how to fully enjoy a “home-cert!”

The first and most important thing to remember about a home-cert is that we can eat and drink anything we want without disrupting others!

This concert can also be streamed simultaneously on up to 2 devices, meaning we can watch with a friend or move from the sofa to the bed easily!

Since we can stream from any device in our house, we now have the freedom to watch the concert in the most comfortable way possible!

Don’t have your ticket yet? No problem! Buy yours today on Weverse shop!

TinyTAN hopes to see you all there!

Get excited for the online concert on October 10 and 11!


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