TO1 To Comeback Next Month With 3 New Members As Minsu, Jerome, Woonggi Leave The Group

We wish them the best!

K-Pop idol group TO1 will be making a comeback with a new album this July as a new nine-member group. Wake One announced that as the three existing members Minsu, Jerome, and Woonggi leave the group, new members Daigo, Renta, and Yeojung will be joining the group. Below is the official English statement posted on their fan cafe.

Hello, this is WAKEONE.

We would like to inform you about the activities of our artist TO1.

WAKEONE and TO1 members took time to reflect on our activities of the past two years and think hard about the group’s leap into the future.

We were open to all directions and tried to find the best solution, and after continuous discussion, TO1 decided to take on new challenges through the re-establishment of team identity and refining the direction of the team.

First, after an in-depth conversation about the team’s identity and direction, members Min Su, Jerome, and Woong Gi decided to leave TO1 and prepare for a new start

As a result, three members will join TO1, including Daigo and Renta, who are respectively 13th and 16th-ranking contestants from Produce 101 Japan Season 2, and our new youngest member Yeo Jeong.

Starting with the release of a new album in July, TO1 will continue to actively engage in domestic and global activities, and we will continue to provide full support for TO1’s activities in the future.

The members who left TO1 are artists with excellent capabilities and charm, and they are preparing for a new start. We will do our best to support them as our artists.

We ask you for a lot of support for all the TO1 members, including members who have left the group and are preparing for a new start and members who are new to the team. Thank you.


Source: osen and daum cafe