BTS Shares Why Positivity And Spreading Joy Are So Important To Them 

They discussed this and more on the Today Show.

BTS‘s LOVE YOURSELF era is over, but their message of loving yourself and loving others continues with MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. 

On February 21, BTS guested on the Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City to talk about their new album, their fans, and more. During the interview, the hosts touched on one of BTS’s many wonderful qualities: their positivity.

“One thing that people really love is how positive you are. You spread so much joy. Why is that important to you?”  

“So it’s all because of ARMYs,” RM translated for Jin. “that always gave us the positive energies, and the batteries.” RM also relayed Jimin‘s answer in English, saying,“Every day, ARMY’s giving us positive energies and batteries, so that’s why.” 

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