“Tokyo Ghoul” Creator Sui Ishida Thanks WayV’s YangYang For His Halloween Look With A Gorgeous Drawing

YangYang is the luckiest fan ever!

WayV‘s YangYang blew fans away with his cosplay of Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul for SM Entertainment‘s annual Halloween party, and even received approval from the series’ creator, Sui Ishida!

WayV’s YangYang dressed as Kaneki Ken. | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy manga about a young man named Kaneki Ken who’s transformed into a ghoul after encountering one. YangYang has often talked about his love for the manga series; last year, he posted his own artwork of Kaneki on his Instagram story.

| @yangyang_x2/Instagram

Fans have been hoping to see YangYang dressed as Kaneki for a while, especially when YangYang’s hair was dyed white. It took a couple of years to see him cosplay the character, but he finally fulfilled fans’ wishes this year!


YangYang totally aced his Kaneki costume, from the stark white hair to the painted nails and of course, the iconic mask.


He even referenced a legendary scene from the show in an Instagram caption: “What’s 1000-7!”

Sui Ishida took to social media to publicly thank YangYang for his love for Kaneki Ken and the series. He shared this stunning drawing of YangYang on Twitter with the caption, “THANK YOU 🎃.” Ishida also shared the artwork on his Instagram with the hashtags “#yangyang” and “#wayv.”

Sui Ishida’s drawing of YangYang. | @sotonami/Twitter

Fans of both Tokyo Ghoul and YangYang couldn’t believe that the series creator himself had given YangYang the honor of being drawn by him! We hope YangYang sees Ishida’s stunning artwork soon. Read more about the costumes at this year’s SMTOWN Wonderland below!

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Source: Twitter and Instagram