Tom Cruise Impresses Everyone With His Top Fan Service

“Tom ahjusshi is so cool, he’s the best!”

Tom Cruise has never disappointed his fans. He’s always willing to take photos, loves to talk with fans, and has even stayed on the red carpet for 2 hours to meet everyone! Now the actor is receiving a lot of praise for the fanservice he provided while promoting “Mission Impossible: Fallout”.


The fanservice really started as soon as Tom landed. Although he was fresh off the plane, he took the time to sign autographs and take pictures.


From there, things just got better for his fans. The actors for the movie were scheduled for a press conference on the 16th. But it wasn’t long before he left to attend a longer red carpet event that would allow him to spend more time with everyone who had come out to see him!


He would go on to say some very sweet things about Korea and his Korean fans on the red carpet.

“I love the graciousness and elegance of your culture in Korea. The fans here just love movies. I love being here, and I was very excited to be here with my friends. You always make me feel so at home, thank you. I love you all. I love you Korea!” — Tom Cruise


Netizens have fallen in love with how much he loves his fans and had nothing but praise for the actor.

  • “Tom ajusshi is so cool, he’s the best!”

  • “Even a big star like him gives top fan service.”

  • “Top stars like him are so different. So considerate towards their fans.”

  • “Tom Cruise has been a top star for so long while remaining consistently passionate and respectful. Truly amazing!”

  • “He’s always been known for loving Korea. Even back then, he gave amazing fanservice like picking up Lee Young Ja nunim without an ounce of annoyance on his face.”


With so much love for his fans, no wonder his fans love him back just as much!

Source: Osen