Tom Holland Shocked His Korean Fans With An Unexpected Event At A Hospital

No one saw this coming.

Hollywood actor Tom Holland recently visited South Korea to promote his new movie, “Spiderman: Far From Home”.


During his stay, Tom Holland made a surprise unexpected visit to Seoul University’s Children Hospital!


Dressed in his Spiderman costume from the movie, he surprised the young patients by visiting them in character!


He took multiple photos with nearly every child and left a lasting memory that truly brightened up their day!


Tom Holand’s representative revealed that he went out of his way from his promotional schedule to make this surprise event. He had planned the event himself and wanted to surprise his fans at the hospital!

Tom Holland asked to do this event beforehand. He kept it a secret and separate from his promotional schedules.

Tom Holland has always been known to have a soft heart for young patients. That’s why he planned this event [in Korea] too.

— Tom Holland’s Representative


Such a warm heart from one of the most popular superheroes of all time!

Source: Sports Chosun