Tom Sachs And Sarah Hoover’s ARMY Son Sleeps Through Meeting BTS’s Suga And J-Hope

The jetlag hits at the most inopportune time!

Many of us can only dream of meeting BTS.

From left: BTS’s Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, RM, V, and Jin.

Unfortunately, though, one young ARMY had the opportunity to meet BTS but literally dreamt through the meeting…

American contemporary artist Tom Sachs and his wife, art director, historian, and writer Sarah Hoover met with BTS’s J-Hope and Suga at HYBE INSIGHT, the museum commemorating HYBE’s music, artists, and fans, on their trip to South Korea.

From left: Suga, Tom Sachs, and J-Hope. | @tomsachs/Instagram
From left: Suga, Sarah Hoover, and J-Hope. | @sarahhoov/Instagram

Some of Tom Sach’s art pieces, including BOOMBOX RETROSPECTIVE 1999 – 2022, will be on display from today, June 22, until September 11, 2022.

“BOOMBOX RETROSPECTIVE 1999 – 2022” | Tom Sachs
| @tomsachs/Instagram

While bringing his pieces to the museum, Tom Sachs also met with the BTS rappers Suga and J-Hope. He even brought gifts courtesy of his partnership with Nike!

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Yet, the one who was most excited to meet the BTS members was the youngest member of the Sachs family, Tom and Sarah’s son Guy.

From left: Sarah Hoover, Tom Sachs, and their son Guy. | @sarahhoov/Instagram

Ahead of their meeting, Sarah shared on Instagram Stories that Guy was very excited. He was even dancing to BTS’s songs, including “Permission to Dance,” in anticipation.

| @sarahhoov/Instagram

Guy even got dressed up for the special occasion! He couldn’t be more excited, and we can’t blame him.

| @sarahhoov/Instagram

Yet, he fell asleep once they were on their way to HYBE INSIGHT! The jetlag had finally hit him. Jetlag always has to hit at the most inopportune time!

| @sarahhoov/Instagram

So, while his parents were hanging out with two BTS members, he was completely out of it. He couldn’t even wake up for a photo. Poor kid!

| @sarahhoov/Instagram

Guy’s mom is definitely never going to let him live this down…

Can’t wait for teenage Guy Sachs to act like he’s cooler than me so I can remind him about the time his jet lag knocked him into such a deep sleep at 7pm that he couldn’t open his eyes for 30 seconds to meet his musical heroes, the biggest band in the world

— Sarah Hoover

Read more about Tom Sachs and his family’s meeting with BTS below:

BTS’s Suga And J-Hope Hang Out With American Artist Tom Sachs At HYBE INSIGHT

Source: @sarahhoov