Tomorrow Will Be JYJ Junsu’s Last Performance On Stage For A Very Long Time

JYJ‘s Junsu is currently preparing for his final musical performance of “Death Note” before going into the army on February 9.

Junsu will be performing his last performance of his musical, “Death Note” at the “Seoul Arts Center” on January 26th. 

After the musical is finished, Junsu will halt all professional activities and spend time with friends and family before his army enlistment.

During the Lunar New Year, starting January 27, Junsu will spend that time with his family.

Junsu will be going to “Nonsan Bootcamp Army Base” for his initial 5 weeks training in the military, the same base BIGBANG‘S T.O.P  is going on the same day.

Coincidentally, after the boot camp training, Junsu will serve in the “National Police Agency” – just like BIGBANG’S T.O.P.

Source: Star News