These PRODUCE X 101 Contestants Are About To Become The Newest FNC Family

They’ll be continuing their adventures as K-Pop idol trainees in Korea!

Two beloved trainees from Hongyi Entertainment based in China, Tony and Wei Ziyue of PRODUCE X 101, may become FNC Entertainment‘s newest faces! In a recent official statement, FNC Entertainment announced that it is in the process of negotiating a transfer of management rights from Hongyi Entertainment, to better support the two trainees for their dream pursuits in Korea.


The statement claimed, “Hongyi Entertainment trainees Wei Ziyue and Tony received a tremendous amount of love and support since their appearances on PRODUCE X 101.” The current agency pointed out while they want to provide the best opportunities for the two trainees, it is impossible to manage from overseas in China where it is located.

Translation: “Hello, this is FNC Entertainment on behalf of Hongyi Entertainment, sharing this statement regarding Wei Ziyue and Tony. [Hello, this is Hongyi Entertainment. Our trainees Wei Ziyue and Tony have received a tremendous amount of love from Korean, Chinese, and global viewers and fans all over the world since their appearances on PRODUCE X 101. As an effort to repay the love and support they have received, we are currently looking into ways the two trainees can continue to pursue their dreams in both China and Korea. Taking into consideration that our agency headquarter is located in China, we understand it may be difficult to manage the trainees’ schedules and promotions in Korea. Hence we are discussing in details some ways we can transfer the management rights to FNC Entertainment. Again, we thank you for all the encouragement sent our trainees’ ways. Please continue to support their endeavors. Thank you.”


To fully support the trainees’ endeavors to become K-Pop’s favorite idols, Hongyi Entertainment stated it has started negotiating the terms to transfer management rights of the two trainees to South Korea’s large-scale and stable agency, FNC Entertainment. Fans who have been rooting for Tony and Wei Ziyue since the TV program are thrilled to hear this news. The news is also building anticipation for the two trainees’ futures in Korea.


Meawhile, the two contestants have been eager in keeping in touch with their supportive fans and updating them via social media accounts. Tony recently opened up an Instagram account where he is actively communicating with his fans who await his return to the K-Pop scene. Fans look forward to seeing more of both Wei Ziyue and Tony, post their transfers to FNC Entertainment!

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Source: FNC Entertainment