All It Took Was J-Hope Posting A Couple Of Selcas For Him To Take Over Twitter

The power of BTS’s members is real.

As of the time of this article, BTS member J-Hope is trending on Twitter with about 150k tweets.

Oftentimes when people trend on the social media app, it’s due to some kind of big news or event that they took part in that has people talking. When it comes to BTS’s members, however, sometimes what triggers the trend is something seemingly simple and uneventful.

And that was the case today! J-Hope simply posted a couple selcas of himself wearing cute glasses and a headband, and it has fans going crazy!


It just goes to show the power that BTS’s members have over Twitter, that doing something as simple as posting a couple selfies can turn into a huge trending topic on the app!

The trending topic words include “J-HOPE”, “hobi”, “Jung Hoseok”, “우리 ν˜ΈλΉ„” (“our hobi”), as well as the hashtag #JHOPE.

The outfit he’s wearing in the selfies is the same he was wearing for the finale of I-LAND, a competition show that BTS’s members took part in.

Also, as this is trending, J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” with Becky G has been announced to have just reached 100 #1s worldwide on iTunes, which is a huge accomplishment!

Fans of BTS and J-Hope have a lot to be excited about today, there’s no doubt.