The Top 10 Idols Netizens Wish They Could Give Chocolate To This Valentine’s Day

Almost 50,000 people voted!

This week, popular idol voting app ChoeAedol asked netizens to choose which K-Pop idol everyone most wanted to give chocolates to on Valentine’s Day. After over 45,000 votes were cast, the results are in—5 picks for male idols and 5 picks for female idols. Do you agree with Korean fans’ choices, or do you have your eye on another K-Pop crush this Valentine’s Day?

#5. Nayeon (TWICE) & Jungkook (BTS)

With 19.4% of the votes, Nayeon came in at #5 for idol girls fans want to give chocolate to on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it’s her charming, bunny-like smile that drew them in.

Jungkook scored 22.5% of the votes, putting him at #5 in the male idol category. Who wouldn’t want to give this cutie maknae a Valentine’s Day gift?

#4. Dahyun (TWICE) & Kim Wooseok (X1)

In at #4 for girls is Dahyun, who got 20.2% of the votes. Dahyun once said chocolate is her favorite food, so she’d definitely appreciate a sweet Valentine’s treat.

Kim Wooseok of UP10TION and X1 also ranked #4 with 23.38% of the votes. Fans often describe him as having a prince-like charm, making him the perfect Valentine.

#3. IU & V (BTS)

IU is the #3 female idol netizens want to give Valentine’s chocolates to. She got 21.5% of the votes. If you’re sending IU chocolates this Valentine’s Day, make sure you choose the Ghana brand, since IU herself endorses it.

V got 26.0% of votes for male idols, putting him at #3. Giving any gift to a guy as handsome as him would definitely be nerve-racking.

#2. Irene (Red Velvet) & Jimin (BTS)

Want to give Irene a chocolatey gift? If so, you’re not alone. She’s the #2 female idol on the list with 22.2% of the votes. Irene loves giving people gifts, so you’d probably get something great in return.

And the #2 pick for male idols is Jimin with 27.2% of the votes. Just don’t give him mint chocolate, since he’s one of the BTS members who hates it.

#1. Tzuyu (TWICE) & Kang Daniel

Last but certainly not least, receiving 25.1% of the votes, Tzuyu is the #1 female idol Korean idol fans want to give chocolates to this Valentine’s Day. It’s fitting, since her beautiful skin tone earned her the nickname “Chocolate”.

Kang Daniel received 29.5% of the votes, making him the top pick chocolate recipient for male idols. Kang Daniel may have a girlfriend, but that won’t stop fans from showering him with love this Valentine’s Day.

Source: ChoeAedol