Top 10 K-Pop Idol Groups With The Best Brand Reputation In June 2019

These groups are the most popular among the general public as of now.

The Korean Corporate Research Institute opened up their big data gathered from May 20 to June 21 to declare which K-Pop idol groups had the best reputation among brands. The brand reputation rankings were based on consumer surveys, media and communication data, and community data.


10th. Red Velvet (3,661,670 pts)


9th. GFRIEND (3,733,304 pts)


8th. MAMAMOO (3,850,661 pts)


7th. IZ*ONE (4,792,199 pts)


6th. EXO (5,068,477 pts)


5th. NU’EST (5,884,004 pts)


4th. ITZY (6,111,828 pts)


3rd. TWICE (6,386,629 pts)


2nd. BLACKPINK (6,589,376 pts)


1st. BTS (19,031,824 pts)