Top 10 Most Talked About Idols By Korean Netizens In 2018

These are the idols that Korean netizens talked about the most in 2018!

With 2018 coming to a close, KBS News gathered data from Naver’s Entertainment News segment to see which K-Pop groups and idols’ articles received the most engagement.

Data from January 2018 to December 2018 showed that Wanna One was the most talked about idols out of every group and individual idols! Out of 10,000 articles with the most engagements, Wanna One appeared in 1,733 articles.


In 2nd place, was BTS who recorded 1,171 articles. Their hottest issues arose from their Billboard Music Awards wins and their UN speech.


3rd place went to Kang Daniel with 1,124 articles. With his promotions with Wanna One, variety show appearances, and an endless array of endorsements, Kang Daniel was definitely a highlight of 2018!


4th place went to Park Jihoon of Wanna One with 344 articles.


Ong Sungwoo, another Wanna One member, took 5th place with 343 articles.


BTS’s Jimin was the most talked about BTS member as he claimed 6th place with 275 articles.


7th place went to Wanna One again as Ha Sungwoon received 237 articles.


BTS’s V took 8th with 207 articles.


BTS’s Jungkook claimed 9th with 191 articles.


And EXO took 10th place with 179 articles!


KBS also released a chart detailing the popular article counts by month. Wanna One and Kang Daniel mostly dominated January to September, while BTS broke into 1st place for the last three months of 2018!


Congratulations to the idols with the most engagements in 2018! Who’ll take over 2019?

Source: KBS News