Top 10 Male Idols According To Brand Reputation In September 2018

The list has changed quite a bit since last month!

The Korea Reputation Center released its brand reputation rankings for individual male idols in September 2018. The rankings were indexed by analyzing consumer brand participation, media, communication and community.

Just within a matter of weeks, the brand reputation ranking has certainly changed quite a lot!


10th – Wanna One’s Ong Seongwoo (4,338,669)


9th – BTS’ Suga (4,492,669)


8th – BTS’ Jin (4,548,045)


7th – Shinhwa’s Eric (4,708,929)


6th – ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo (4,711,674)


5th – BTS’ V (4,900,290)


4th – BTS’ RM (5,647,334)


3rd – BTS’ Jungkook (9,563,874)


2nd – Wanna One’s Kang Daniel (9,812,430)


1st – BTS’ Jimin (10,139,268)

Source: Korea Reputation Center