Here Are The Top 10 Solo Albums Ever Sold Since 2010

There are two artists that keep appearing on the list.

While idol groups tend to sell more physical albums and soloists dominate the digital scene, some artists just have the best of both worlds.

Here is a compiled list of the top selling albums of solo artists since 2010!

1. Taeyeon – 1st Album “My Voice” (218,388 copies)

2. Taeyeon – 1st mini album “I” (150,082)

3. IU – 2nd Album “Last Fantasy” (114,997)

4. Taeyeon – 2nd mini album “Why” (114,664)

5. IU – 3rd mini album “Real” (88,207)

6.  IU – 4th Album “Palette” (87,886)

7. Jessica – 1st mini album “With love, J” (80,783)

8. Taeyeon – 3rd mini album ‘something new’ (74,371)

9. Taeyeon – Winter Special album “This Christmas – Winter is Coming” (69,099)

10. Tiffany 1st mini album “I Just Wanna Dance” (66,582)

Netizens were seriously impressed by the lineup.

Taeyeon and IU are the most successful female solo artists currently

– Korean Netizen

They remarked that Girl’s Generation was on top of the game.

Only 3 members of Soshi + IU … Soshi seriously is the top of 2nd generation

– Korean Netizen

What do you think about these solo artists?

Source: theqoo