These Are The TOP 20 Most Popular Girl Groups In Korea Right Now

They’re on top of Korea.

Based on brand ranking data between October 8 and November 9, these are the most popular K-Pop Artists in Korea at the moment.



GFRIEND has been promoting at various events around Korea, but one thing that is worrying Buddies is that Yuju has been missing from all of the group’s recent schedules, and will continue to be absent for the near future. Source Music has not released any statements on why she has been absent.


19. ICIA

You may not have heard of this group, but one member, Sunah, blew up in the media and Korea after it was revealed she was getting married to DJ DOC’s Jung Jaeyong. Her agency was threatening to sue her for unpaid debts while she was in the girl group, and because she was still under contract.


18. EXID

EXID will be making their long awaited comeback as 5 members on November 21. While the album format has not been decided, they will be having full scale promotions, including an appearance on Knowing Bros.


17. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher announced their Japanese debut, which will be on November 21 with a Japanese version of their single “What”. The members have also had some free time, practicing their gaming skills as all 7 members will participate in OGN’s Celebrity E-Sports ISAC.


16. Lovelyz

Lovelyz was originally expected to join the November comeback rush, but there have been no concrete plans set by Woollim Entertainment yet.


15. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl made their comeback in September, but their momentum has carried into October and November. Member Hyojung also just released a collaboration track with one of Korea’s most well-known comedians, Park Myung Soo.


14. Mamamoo

Mamamoo just announced their comeback for November 29 and also a solo concert tour, however fans are not happy with the timing of the concert announcement, the lack of promotions for their comeback, and the amount of work RBW is making the girls do.



MOMOLAND just teased something new for release on November 10 and have been promoting individually since the completion of their promos for “BAAM”. They recently just won Best Dance Track – Female for their 2018 hit “BBOOM BBOOM”.


12. (G)I-DLE

2018’s hottest rookie group has achieved stunning success, most recently with members Soyeon and Miyeon performing with Jaira Burns and Madison Beer at the 2018 League of Legends World Championship Finals. Their collaboration song “POPSTARS” is even charting on several major music sites.


11. GWSN

The rookie group has gained a following for their cute image and will even be attending K-Pop Night in Dallas, Texas on November 10 (USA time).


10. Apink

Apink members have been promoting individually, with Eunji releasing another solo and Naeun promoting her movie Woman’s Wail.


9. fromis_9

fromis_9 made their comeback on October 10 and have gained many new fans due to the combination of a catchy song and visuals. The group is also promoting on variety shows such as JTBC’s Idol Room.


8. April

April made their comeback on October 16 with their 6th mini album The Ruby but a larger issue overshadowed their comeback with many of the group’s fansite being shutdown due to alleged sasaeng behavior.


7. Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls had been promoting their 5th mini album WJ Please, however Yeonjung worried fans due to her temporary hiatus stemming from health issues. The group is confirmed to attend the 2018 Asia Artist Awards on November 28.


6. Weki Meki

Weki Meki made their comeback on October 11 with their first single album Kiss, Kicks and have been actively promoting since then.


5. Red Velvet

Red Velvet just announced their comeback with their 5th mini-album RBB on November 30, and also just announced their first ever North American tour!


4. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation member Yuri just released her debut solo album, while fellow member Hyoyeon will be making her own solo comeback on the 13th. The members remain busy with individual promotions but that doesn’t stop them!



BLACKPINK will begin their first ever solo concert today, and Jennie will be making her solo debut on November 12, with her first ever performance of her solo during the concert.



IZ*ONE made their historic debut on October 29 and won their first music show award just 10 days later, making them the fastest ever girl group to win number 1. Their debut album also recorded 100,000 sales combined.



TWICE just made their comeback with “YES or YES” and have swept up the charts once again, further cementing themselves in girl group history.

Source: rekorea