Here Are The TOP 30 Trainees After The Second Episode Of PRODUCE X 101

These are the top trainees after the second episode.

PRODUCE X 101 just aired its second episode and here are the rankings of the trainees after the second episode, including the TOP 10 who would be guaranteed to debut if the show ended today.

The show announced how the TOP 10 trainees at the final episode would be guaranteed a spot in the final group, and there was also a mysterious “X” position announced. The “X” position would be claimed by the trainee who has the most total votes combined from the 4 voting periods.

The first round of voting continues from today, May 11 all the way until May 25. Koreans are allowed to vote for 11 trainees per day.

A total of 1,366,663 votes were cast during in the first week of voting. Here are the current TOP 30 rankings.

30. AAP.Y’s Lee Midam

29. Individual Trainee Kang Seokhwa

28. MBK Entertainment’s Lee Hangyul

27. Source Music’s Kim Syunbin

26. C9 Entertainment’s Keum Donghyun

25. Plan A Entertainment’s Choi Byungchan

24. Woollim Entertainment’s Hwang Yunseong

23. Brand New Music’s Hong Seongjun

22. Fantagio’s Han Gichan

21. Woollim Entertainment’s Kim Dongyoon

20. Starship Entertainment’s Kang Minhee

19. Maroo Entertainment’s Lee Jinwoo

18. Brand New Music’s Yun Junghwan

17. Brand New Music’s Kim Sihun

16. MLD Entertainment’s Kim Dongbin

15. Starship’s Ham Wonjin

14. iMe KOREA’s Lee Sejin

13. Music Works’ Kim Kookheon

12. Individual Trainee Lee Eugene

11. Woollim Entertainment’s Cha Junho

10. Starship Entertainment’s Song Hyeongjun

9. Starship Entertainment’s Koo Jungmo

8. sidusHQ’s Park Seonho

7. TOP Media’s Kim Wooseok

6. DSP Media’s Son Dongpyo

5. Music Works’ Song Yuvin

4. MBK Entertainment’s Nam Dohyun

3. Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Mingyu

2. Brand New Music’s Lee Eunsang

1. OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yohan