TOP 4 contestants determined with latest rounds of elimination on “Unpretty Rapstar 3”

During the September 16th episode of Unpretty Rapstar on Mnet, the TOP 6 rappers were chosen after an intense solo rap battle.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!!

Ash-B, Yuk Ji Dam, Yuna Kim (Euna Kim), and Grace, who were defeated in the previous episode during a mission, were contestants in the elimination rap battle. Out of the four rappers, two were eliminated while the other two would advance to the next round as part of the TOP 6.

The first contestant of the rap battle was Ash-B, who gave an unexpectedly powerful performance. Grace followed Ash-B, and she composed her rap with lyrics such as “Since I only have one life to live, I might as well play hard and live hard.” Yuna Kim was the third contestant and her lyrics strongly reflected her competitive attitude. The fourth contestant, Yuk Ji Dam, was praised with her comfortable presence during her performance. 

When the final results were shown, Ash-B and Yuk Ji Dam advanced to the TOP 6 while Grace and Yuna Kim were eliminated from the show.

The remaining six contestants then competed in one-on-one rap battles. Jeon So Yeon was paired with Miryo, Nada with Ash-B, and Giant Pink with Yuk Ji Dam. At the end of the episode, Jeon So Yeon and Ash-B managed to secure their wins against Miryo and Nada, advancing to the semi-finals.

Recently, Miryo confessed her inner thoughts about her participation in the competition show during an interview with the staff.

Source: My Daily