Top 5 Male Celebrities Women Want To Give Chocolates To On Valentine’s Day

Who would be your valentine?

The math education company, Sevenedu, has conducted a survey on 10,670 people from January 21 to February 11 on which star they would like to give chocolates to on Valentine’s Day (In Korea, women give chocolates to men on Valentine’s Day and men give candy to women on “White Day (March 14)”). Here are the results!


5. Jung Hae In (102 votes, 1%)

Actor Jung Hae In recently won over the hearts of noonas (Korean term used by men to older women) around the world through the 2018 drama Something in the Rain and it seems like many people are still madly in love with him.


4. Park Bo Gum (166 votes, 1.6%)

It is no surprise that “the nation’s boyfriend” Park Bo Gum made it onto the list. Park Bo Gum recently flaunted his out-of-this-world visuals on his most recent drama Encounter alongside co-star Song Hye Kyo and proved that he was perfect boyfriend material.


3. BTOB’s Sungjae (582 votes, 5.5%)

With his guy-next-door charm, BTOB‘s Sungjae seems to be winning over the hearts of women who have chosen him as one of the top male celebrities to give chocolates to on Valentine’s Day.


2. BTS’ Jimin (4,285 votes, 40.2%)

BTS’ Jimin has been gaining the attention of netizens from around the world, often converting hoards of non-K-Pop fans with his beautiful visuals alone. It’s also a generally accepted fact that he is loaded with talent!


1. Kang Daniel (5,484 votes, 51.4%)

After being selected through Mnet‘s Produce 101 Season 2, Kang Daniel gained incredible popularity as he promoted with Wanna One until December 31 of last year. In addition to Wanna One’s success, Kang Daniel also took on numerous individual promotions including numerous advertisements. Since Wanna One’s disbandment, he is currently preparing his solo album under LM Entertainment.

Source: Newsen