Top 5 Idols With The Best Airport Outfits This Week As Chosen By Korean Fashion Editors

Which outfit do you like the most?

Korean fashion editors have chosen the top 5 airport fashion styles worn by K-Pop idols this week, and these fashion icons have made the list!

Check out the idols listed in no particular order:

1. IU

IU donned an oversized plaid coat with a simple white turtle-neck and small white bag. The whole outfit screamed IU’s ability to make the perfect blend of cute and classy!


Lisa graced the airport runway dressed in a classic grey sweater dress with floral print shirt underneath. It appears black shoes with ankle-high black socks are a trend this season as Lisa and IU both wore similar shoes!

3. Jimin (BTS)

Jimin may have covered his face in a black mask, but his outfit stood out as he paired a long black trench coat with a waisted belt, and a green turtleneck as an accent! And those glasses on top of his mask – the cherry on top!

4. V (BTS)

BTS donned a stylish thin long coat with a simple green v-neck sweater, white shirt, and polka-dotted tie. Making fashion look so effortless, he can pull off the look with both the coat and without it!

5. RM (BTS)

RM brings a refreshing look to the list as he strayed from the popular dandy-look that the previous idols had chosen to wear. Instead, RM was grungy in black as he layered himself with baggy sweatshirts, leather coat, and baggy sweatpants. But boy, did he look absolutely stunning!

Source: MK Sports