Top Actress Involved In Car Accident After Running Red Light

She admitted to having violated the light signal.

Popular actress Kim Ah Joong has been involved in a car accident. The actress’ agency King Entertainment confirmed the actress caused the crash by running a red light.

“It is true Kim Ah Joong was in a car accident. It is not a drunk driving incident.”

— King Entertainment


According to Seoul City’s Gangnam Police Department, Kim Ah Joong crashed into a motorcyclist. She did not follow the signals and ended up hitting a motorcycle crossing the crossroads.

Not the motorcycle involved in the accident

The motorcyclist has been hospitalized for medical treatment.


Kim Ah Joong is now under investigation. The police claimed the actress has admitted to running the red light and is fully cooperative of the investigation.


On the other hand, netizens are confused about why a motorcycle was trying to cross the crossroad.

  • “She shouldn’t have run the light. The motorcyclist shouldn’t have tried to cross the crossroads either.”

  • “Crossing the crossroads? Aren’t crossroads for pedestrians?”

  • “That’s a violation of traffic on the motorcyclist’s part too.”

  • “Motorcycles should be on the road, not on the crossroads. There are so many motorcycles on the sidewalks too…”
Source: TV Report