Top Actress Kim Hee Ae Expresses Her Love For BTS and Wanna One

She’s like a proud mother.

Kim Hee Ae is known as one of Korea’s top actresses, rising to fame in dramas Perfect Love, My Husband’s Woman, and Secret Love Affair. She also revealed in an interview that she is also a huge BTS and Wanna One fan!


When she appeared as a guest on Kim Sook and Song Eun Yi‘s radio show, she requested BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” to be played, but the DJ’s thought someone told her to request the song.

“When I appeared on their radio show, I was able to request 2 songs to be played. One of those songs was BTS’s “FAKE LOVE”. I like the song so I chose it, but Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook thought someone told me to request the song.”


Kim Hee Ae only had praise for them, saying she’s as proud as if they were her own sons.

“‘FAKE LOVE’ is addictive, it’s really good. Above all else, BTS has a very free, but luxurious vibe. They also dress really well. I’m proud and commend them as if they were my own sons. I thought that their mothers would also be extremely proud of them. So proud of them. I hope they continue to do well.”


She ended her interview talking about Wanna One and how surprised she was at how far Korean music has come in recent years.

“I also like Wanna One’s “Beautiful”. It’s quite refined and polished. I was surprised that Korean music has grown like this!”


Kim Hee Ae most recently starred in the psychological thriller movie The Vanished.

Source: Herald Pop
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