Top Celebrities Invested In Club Prostituting Elementary School Girls

“There was even a 6th-grade girl among the call girls.”

Joo Won Kyu, the writer of the novel “Made in Gangnam” which exposes the realities of Gangnam clubs, has revealed everything he learned during the 6 months he worked in the Gangnam club industry.

Joo stated that he worked as a delivery man and “call girl carpool driver” for 6 months in order to conduct research for his novel.


According to Joo, Sungri’s Burning Sun scandal was only the tip of the iceberg. He claimed that drug parties, prostitution and police collusion was far worse in reality. He added that there were countless cases of underage prostitution in the clubs and mentioned that there was even a 6th-grade girl among the call girls.


Moreover, the use of date rape drugs was extremely common and they apparently used professional methods to rid the system of drug use as well.

When I worked 3 years ago, there were tourists from Southeast Asia who came to do drugs and hang out at the clubs. They even had professional means to avoid drug detection. They would cleanse the stomach or take other medication to dilute it.

ㅡ Joo Won Kyu


Some clubs even held “events” in which a snuff film (a video of a real-life rape and murder incident) would be re-enacted. The girl who participated in the event would receive 100 million won ($87,963) for doing it.

According to the writer, many famous celebrities such as Seungri, who was the “face of Burning Sun”, were known to be shareholders of these clubs.

As Gangnam clubs began to grow into a huge industry of its own, idols often became shareholders of the major clubs. Members of the idol group S hold shares and numerous celebrities under the large entertainment company Y are participating as shareholders.

ㅡ Joo Won Kyu


Joo explained that he decided to write a novel about the Gangnam clubs after he met with teenage runaways. A majority of them expressed their desire to work at such a business and Joo was determined to find out why.

4-5 years ago, I met with about 90 teenage runaways and interviewed them. Over 80 of them wanted to work at adult establishments in Gangnam. The girls wanted to make 5-10 million won ($4,400-$8,800 USD) a month and the guys wanted to become a procurer.

ㅡ Joo Won Kyu


Joo confessed that the night culture of Gangnam was beyond imagination and expressed hope that the Burning Sun scandal will help find justice in society.

Source: Joongang Ilbo

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