Top Choreographer Lia Kim Says TWICE’s Momo Is A “Dancer Sent From The Gods”

Momo truly is a dancing machine!

Lia Kim is the head choreographer for 1Million Dance Studio and has worked with many idols who are often considered the best dancers in the industry. Lia is also the choreographer behind outstanding dance routines for songs like TWICE‘s “TT”, I.O.I‘s “Very Very, Very”, and Sunmi‘s “Gashina”, so any compliment from her truly means something.


So, when she recently gave an interview for Idol Radio and had some very kind words to say about TWICE’s Momo, you know she truly meant every single word she said!


In the past, Lia has said she considers Momo to be the best dancer among her students and that Momo might be the only female idol who can compete with male idols!


And now Lia has added a little bit more to her previous statement. During the program, Lia not only picked Momo as the best dancer among her other students but she also said she thought Momo was a dancer straight from the heavens.

“I think TWICE’s Momo is really a dancer sent from the gods. She’s really an amazing dancer.”

— Lia Kim


Not only that but she said Momo is really quick to pick up dance routines.

“Momo is like a sponge when it comes to dancing. She’s able to start dancing right after she watches a routine. She’s also able to recreate any choreography with very little explanation and can easily take a routine and take it to the next level by adding her own personality to it.”

— Lia Kim


And Lia isn’t wrong! The idol has managed to master 50 different types of JYP Entertainment basic dances in record time and is reportedly the fastest person to do this!

It reportedly only took her 4 months to complete!


The company also reported that Momo is able to dance to every single female idol dance!


With all of her hard work and outstanding skills, it isn’t hard to figure out why she received all that love from Lia!

Source: Chosun