T.O.P Makes His First Public Appearance Of 2018

He came in covered in all black.

BIGBANG’s T.O.P officially started his first day as a social service worker and resumed his mandatory military duties.

T.O.P started his social service job at the Yongsan City Hall Office where he is currently being held for his entry interview by superiors.

T.O.P arriving at the Yongsan City Hall.

The initial interview will determine if he will be placed in Yongsang or be moved somewhere else.

One of the superior officials gave the following statement to the media regarding T.O.P’s possible station.

“It is true that he’s at Yongsan City Hall.

However, it is not fully confirmed if he will be stationed here for the rest of the remaining days of his military duties.

What is confirmed is the following: he will do his initial interview and also start his day by working at the crafts office.”

— Yongsan City Hall Official

The Korean media were present at the Yongsan City Hall and managed to take photos of T.O.P.

He wore an all-black outfit and covered his face with a beanie and mask.

He was fully covered to hide his face from causing more controversy.