[★BREAKING] Top idols caught in drug bust involving cocaine at Incheon Airport

Korean media portal The Fact has published breaking news, revealing that top Hallyu idols are involved in drug bust involving cocaine at Incheon International Airport.

While one of the celebrities involved is 53-year old singer Gye Eun Sook, who was arrested for using meth, police are also investigating a top idol group member.

Police revealed they were looking into a top Hallyu idol group member “B” for using drugs as well, though as to who it is has not been revealed yet.

On June 22nd, the Seoul District Prosecutor Office filed for an arrest warrant for A, who was arrested and give a drug test which later came out positive from a hair follicle. “A” is known to be a concert staff member at a major label.

revealed that an idol from his company used drugs with him in private spaces such as recording booths and studios in order to avoid other people’s eyes.

Additionally, police suspect that other idols have been abusing cocaine with “A” including “B.” Multiple entertainment personnel have stated that “B” is a top level artist.

The abrupt and extensive nature of the investigation has the entertainment industry worried and one of the entertainment personnel stated, “As rumors were going around that a singer from a major label was going to be the next target of police investigation, the whole industry is growing worried.”

Source: The Fact