TOP Media Announces Kim Wooseok’s New Twitter Account, And Also The Delay Of Fanmeeting Ticket Sales

He’s now on Twitter!

UP10TION‘s Kim Wooseok is now on Twitter!

On January 28, TOP Media announced that Kim Wooseok would now be opening his official Twitter account. The agency also stated that through the account, they will make various announcements about Kim Wooseok in the future.


Kim Wooseok’s new account has been opened. Through this account, we will share various news and updates about Kim Wooseok, so please give him lots of love.

—Kim Wooseok


TOP Media later also stated that there would be a delay in the ticketing sales for Kim Wooseok’s upcoming fan meeting as a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus, called the “Wuhan virus” in South Korea.


Hello, this is TOP Media.

This is to inform you that the ticketing date for Kim Wooseok’s fan meeting, which was originally scheduled for January 30, has now been delayed.

Right now, due to the Wuhan virus, we are currently also reviewing our preparations for the event itself.

We will release another statement regarding the new ticketing date, as well as about the fan meeting. We ask fans for their understanding on this matter.

Thank you.

—TOP Media


Kim Wooseok’s solo fan meeting, titled Wooseok-ah, was originally scheduled to be held on February 22, at the Korea University Gymnasium, and the ticketing was scheduled for January 30, 8 PM KST, through YES24.


Hopefully, fans get to see him soon!

Source: Naver