TOP Media considering leniency towards netizens spreading false rumors about Teen Top

TEEN TOP’s agency, TOP Media, is reported to have filed a legal suit against four netizens who were allegedly responsible for the circulation of rumors regarding the group’s alleged chart manipulation. 

On November 26th, a representative from the agency stated that in September this year, they were notified of the false information surrounding TEEN TOP’s 20’s EXITO. The information which was posted on various online community boards and SNS accused Teen Top on album chart manipulation, otherwise known as sajaegi.

TOP Media formally filed a complaint to the police back in October, which launched an official investigation. Four netizens, varying from teenagers to adults, were tracked by the investigation and has faced the agency for their actions. The individuals were described to have reflected for their action and has asked for leniency.

The agency revealed that they are still in discussion whether to settle with their plea.

The “sajaegi” issue was brought up last September following TEEN TOP’s win at KBS Music Bank, which left to fans of other promoting artists to suspicious on their rapid success, citing foul play in the process. The claims, which originated from the four netizens, claimed that TOP Media manipulated the sales by buying it themselves, while TEEN TOP’s fans posted evidences of their purchase to disperse the rumours.

Despite the issue, TEEN TOP continued to promote their album and further released a repackaged album, LOVE TWO EXITO. 

Source: StarNews