The Top-Ranking YouTube Video In Korea For 2023 Features A K-Pop Idol

It was unexpected but justifiable!

This year’s top-ranking YouTube video in Korea has been revealed, capturing attention due to unexpected results.

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On December 11, YouTube released the year-end summary for the most popular videos and creators in Korea for 2023. The categories unveiled on this day included Top Trending Videos, Top Trending Shorts, Top Trending Music Videos, Top Trending Creators, Rapidly Growing Creators, Top Trending Game-related Videos, and more.

This year, talk show content where guests share honest stories while often drinking and eating with the hosts in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere gained significant popularity.

Suzy on Jo Hyunah’s YouTube talk show “Jo Hyunah’s Thursday Night” | Jo Hyunah’s Thursday Night/YouTube

The top-ranking Korean video on YouTube was an episode from rapper Lee Young Ji‘s talk show, No Prepared, also known as My Alcohol Diary. With an “unprepared” concept where Lee Young Ji invites stars into her house, guests come and chat with the comedic rapper while eating and drinking alcohol.

The top stars who guested on this show include BTS‘s Jin, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong, IVE‘s Ahn Yujin, actress Park Bo Young, HyunA, Sunmi, soccer player Cho Gue Sung, and more.

Jin on Lee Young Ji’s “No Prepared” | No Prepared/YouTube

Out of the many No Prepared episodes in 2023, the one that was awarded the top-ranking video featured aespa‘s Karina, where she showcased her candid and witty side. 

This video topped the list and currently has 16.27 million views and over 19,970 comments as of this article.

Karina (left) and Lee Young Ji (right) | No Prepared/YouTube

Following closely are Dingo Music‘s Killing Voice episode featuring AKMU and Yoo Jae Suk‘s video “The Lunar New Year is an Excuse” from the channel Ddeun Ddeun, ranking second and third, respectively.

Jo Se Ho, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Dong Wook, and Nam Chang Hee in the video “Lunar New Year is an Excuse” | Ddeum Ddeum/YouTube

Lee Young Ji also made her mark in the Top Trending Shorts of the year. The dance challenge video of IVE’s “I AM,” posted on Lee Young Ji’s personal channel, secured first place in the Top Trending Shorts category with over 28.36 million views as of this article.

Upon learning this news, netizens expressed their reactions in online communities. Many were surprised that Lee Young Ji’s content beat Yoo Jae Suk as he is Korea’s most recognized comedian and talk show host.

However, many stated how Karina’s episode is justifiable as the top-ranked YouTube video because she is a top idol loved by fans worldwide.

Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagram

They left comments like, “It was so good,” “Wow, Karina’s amazing,” and “It’s a complete Karina fandom video,” showing how loved and popular Karina is.

Check out Lee Young Ji’s No Prepared episode with Karina here.

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