Third-Generation Idols Shock Fans By Announcing Their Relationship And Wedding

They were secretly dating for 10 years!

Former Topp Dogg member Clovd (formerly known as Gohn) announced he is getting married to actress Jung Daya (also known as Jung Sung Mi).

Jung Daya (left) and Clovd (right) | @dayamond__/Instagram

On January 22, SPOTV News reported that Jung Daya and Clovd will be getting married on January 27. According to the report, the two have decided to get married after dating for a long time.

On this day, Clovd took to his Instagram to announce the news to his fans.

Jung Daya also announced the news to her fans in an Instagram post. In her announcement, the actress reveals that the couple have been dating for 10 years.

I am finally going… I am happy that my first post in the new year is so meaningful. I have decided to be with my best friend of 10 years for the rest of our lives. Although I should have told you in person, please understand that I wasn’t able to contact everyone because I was afraid to bother you. I will remember your blessings for our new start after 10 years of dating. We will do our best to be each other’s happily ever after.

— Jung Daya

Meanwhile, Clovd debuted as Gohn of Topp Dogg in 2013. Jung Daya debuted as part of 84LY and then again as part of A.KOR. The idol has since become an actress.

Source: wikitree