Topp Dogg wins “Best Performance Award” at KMC Awards in France

Boy group Topp Dogg won the best male dance performance award at France’s KMC Awards on January 11th, showcasing their popularity in Europe.

KMC Radio, a channel in France that specializes in broadcasting K-pop, opened up voting on their website for the KMC Awards.

158,445 European voters chose their “Favorite Male Dance Performance Artist” and Topp Dogg was victorious over EXO, INFINITE, GOT7, VIXX, BTS, Boyfriend, and TEEN TOP.

While accepting their award, Topp Dogg shared that, “It seems that our hopes for 2015 are already being fulfilled starting January, so we are very happy. The meaning of our team name, Topp Dogg, is ‘the best victors,’ and we will take the meaning of us winning this award as a sign to work even harder from now on. We will show you even greater performances and better music.

Furthermore, Topp Dogg’s album was among the top ten albums sold in 2014 on the online shop YesAsia, showcasing their popularity abroad once more and energizing them as they are currently preparing for their world tour, World ToppKlass.

Source: Ten Asia